roomHavana - rooms for rent in Havana, Cuba
Rooms for rent in private houses in Havana. A non-expensive alternative for individuals and families, combining privacy, home-made meals and - if desired - contact with real Cuban people.
house Miramar
House for rent in Miramar, residential neighbourhood in Havana
bungalow Canasí
Bungalow in Boca de Canasí, a beautiful natural environment

Comfortable rooms in private apartments and houses in Miramar, a residential neighbourhood in Havana, Cuba
The hotel
This special hotel is composed by the association of several private owners with license for renting. The association gives the customers the possibility of reserving rooms or complete houses, something impossible for individual owners, who must rent to the first arriving client, as they can not take the risk of an empty room if a booked customer changes his/her mind. All rooms have similar characteristics and are located in the same neighbourhood, so when a client books a room we can guarantee that one of the rooms will be available at arrival.
The houses
Modern houses and apartments constructed with no more than 3 levels height, in a nice environment with gardens, trees and parks. Independent entrance is provided for the rented area, so the customers don't have to live together with the owners, although they are ready to assist and provide all required services. Normally the rented area includes living room, kitchen and garden or terrace.
The rooms
Comfortable air-conditioned rooms, with private bathroom and hot water. Some of them have two individual beds and others have marriage beds. Telephone for local calls, TV and refrigerator are standard facilities.
Miramar is located between the coast line and the 5th avenue, the fast street that - along with 'Malecon' - crosses Havana city from West to East, connecting hotels, trade offices, touristic and cultural centers, providing 5 min access to Vedado downtown and 15 min to harbour entrance and the historic center known as Old Havana.
If you prefer to prepare your meals at home, four supermarkets are at less than 1km away, but several restaurants and snack bars are waiting for you, ranging from fast food to good quality dinner.
Miramar Trade Center, the commercial core of West Havana, is about 1km away in the same neighbourhood, surrounded by four big size hotels with conference and banquet rooms, shops, pools and all facilities of 4&5 stars service.
It is not a coincidence that newly constructed hotels, residential and office buildings have been mainly located in Miramar, the best place to live in Havana nowadays.
Owner Bedrooms Bathrooms Photos
Natacha 3 2
Belkis 2 1
Yamile 2 2
Berta 2 2
Jorge 2 2
Esbelty 2 1
Maria Julia 3 2
Teresita 2 2
Vecina 2 2
Esther 3 3
Canasi 2 1

Cash CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso)
CUCs may be obtained at banks, exchange offices and cash dispensers with cash or credit/debit cards. Do not use cash U.S. dollars, as they have a 10% penalty.
1 CUC = 1.08 US$ + approx. 4% commission Exchange rate has not changed in more than 2 years.

CUC notes


Room price: from 30 to 50 CUC per night.
Prices are different according to the house, touristic season, number of rented rooms, persons and days.
Included: lodging, cleaning and change of bed clothes.
Optional: breakfast, meals and laundry.

All services are negotiable with owners for convenient pricing

Other services
Transportation, excursions, special dinners at home or restaurants. We can help you to find the best service providers and organizing all type of activities. We know all possibilities and the best choices based on the experience of many years. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Now you may book filling-out our form, sending an a mail, a fax, or making a telephone call. Our association assures that, if you book, a room will be available at the moment of your arrival, the first time this is guaranteed in Cuba.

Contact person: Natacha Fábregas.

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